11/12/21 – A second single has been released from the upcoming Family Shiloh album.  (It’s Gonna be a) Longhorn Day is an observation on the pathways of the Longhorns at Cold Copper Ranch, which the family lays tribute to across the tracks of the new concept album coming soon. Listen on your favorite streaming platforms or here at Bandcamp:

11/05/21 – New single out today from Family Shiloh! Recorded at the legendary Arlyn Studios in Austin, TX and engineered by Willie Nelson’s sound engineer, Steve Chadie, the lead single from the family’s upcoming album is a tribute to a majestic bull named “Delta Lucky Ace.”  Listen on your favorite streaming platforms or here at Bandcamp:

01/01/21 -Happy New Year!  Let’s celebrate with Driftin’ Luke, Jr.‘s excellent new 2nd album, Another Road:

11/06/20 – Happy release day!  All three of our new releases are available on Bandcamp and today only all proceeds go directly to the artists.  (Of course you can also find these on your favorite streaming services, where the bands will get whopping fractions of a fraction of a penny every time you stream!)

The Channel on Bandcamp

Golden Bear on Bandcamp

Cosmic Convoy on Bandcamp

NOTE:  Cosmic Convoy will perform a free EP release live stream from a socially distanced outdoor event this Saturday at 10:30 AM.

11/05/20 –  The Austin Chronicle featured all three of our new releases, saying Golden Bear’s Dear Texas “revs a top-down tour of Texas, a love letter as hopeful as it is nostalgic, from the highway boogie of ” Roadtrippin‘” to the truckin’ rumble of “CB Workin’,” and Cub Country lilt of “Fort Davis Sky.”

They find The Channel’s Electronic Luck to be “delicious psych-pop hitting somewhere between the Byrds and Dr. Dog.”
The Chronicle also says the Cosmic Convoy EP, Together Again for the First Time, is “an alt-country gem” and lauds “the lonesome call of closer “Bound“.”

11/02/20 – Enter the Shell had Brent on for an interview and calls Cosmic Convoy’s Together Again for the First Time “real country…a fantastic EP.” Thanks to DJ Turrtle!!

10/30/20 – Nanobot Rock just gave a glowing review to Golden Bear’s Dear Texas– “There’s Texas music, then there’s Golden Bear Texas music”. Additionally, The Alternate Root included “Port Aransas” in its weekly Top Ten list!

10/10/20 – The Channel’s upcoming new LP Electronic Luck features a cover of the late, great Daniel Johnston’s “Lord, Give Me Hope.” Daniel’s work has been a great source of inspiration for c-side records, members of The Channel and many other people the world over. A portion of proceeds from this track will be donated to the Hi, How Are You Project, a non-profit organization inspiring new conversations around mental health issues by funding and creating thoughtful media content, projects and events.The Foundation, created with the support of Daniel Johnston and Family, provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and education on mental well-being.  Pre-order now at Bandcamp or look for it November 6th on your favorite streaming services!

10/05/20 – recently called Cosmic Convoy’s first single “Rosanna” “a fleet-footed bit of poppy alt-country…distinctly Austin”. The next single, “Fall and Fly Away“, slows things down for a shuffling two-stepper and perfect closer to the debut EP, Together Again For The First Time.

10/02/20 – Thanks to The Grateful Web for posting the news on our new release by Cosmic Convoy, ‘Together Again for the First Time’.  Look for it next month!

09/25/20 – Exciting news today as we announce three new releases for Fall 2020.  On November 6th, we’ll have yet another new LP from both Golden Bear and The Channel, as well as a debut EP from Cosmic Convoy, the latest addition to the c-side roster!  Keep an eye out for more details soon.

07/06/20 – Nanobot Rock’s latest mixtape includes “Port Aransas“, Golden Bear‘s latest single.  The guys praise the new sound and laud the songwriting, describing how the song “tells this story of America in a very intimate and familiar way…you listen to the track and it takes you on a journey with them…A masterfully crafted single.”  We think they’re spot on!  Thanks guys!

06/05/20 – Following up an excellent debut EP, Riverbed, Driftin’ Luke Jr., son of Driftin’ Luke and member of Family Shiloh, has launched his first LP, titled A Little Lighter and it is a doozie!

05/20/20 – We are psyched to announce a brand new Golden Bear single, “Port Aransas“, from the forthcoming album ‘Dear Texas’.  Recorded during this spring’s quarantine, with band members contributing their parts from their homes, the track is a tribute to the coastal town, and captures the feeling of anticipation that many Texans can relate to every summer as cars are loaded and trips are made to the beach, with stops in small towns along the way.  Check out the visualizer here, and look for it on Bandcamp and your favorite streaming services soon.

02/16/20 – Chloe Pennington, daughter of Driftin’ Luke and member of Family Shiloh, has followed up her debut LP (now available on CD, digital download, and streaming platforms everywhere) with a new single and video, “Oh Baby“!  The amazingly talented teenager once again composed and produced the track on her own, and it further exemplifies the amazing voice and talent this young lady holds.

01/04/20 – The Channel has received another favorable review for ‘Multi Goods and Services‘, this time via the Austin Chronicle. Writer Doug Freeman found the album an “exuberant pop opus“.  Thanks to Doug and the Chronicle!

12/19/19 – Thanks to Tom Haugen at Take Effect for a very thoughtful review of ‘Multi Goods and Services‘ which you can read here.  Tom gives the album a 9 out of 10 and calls it a “fantastically unique record.”  We agree!

11/08/19 – Today we release ‘Multi Goods and Services‘ by The Channel!  It’s been a long wait, but well worth it.  Have a listen on your preferred streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), or better yet, order a physical copy (and receive a special bonus)!!  Thanks to the Kickstarter pledgers and all who have supported the band over the last 20 years.

11/07/19 – Thanks to the Austin American Statesman for featuring The Channel in their “On The Record” column!

11/06/19 – Odd Creative and Stabbing Panda Productions has featured The Channel’s “What’s in a Name” as one of it’s top singles of October!

10/30/19 – Thanks to Melodic Net for featuring The Channel’s recent video releases!

10/28/19 –  The Channel has posted a new single and video for the song ‘Strollin’ from their new album ‘Multi Goods and Services‘. ‘Strollin’ was written by Heather McAllister – one of the band’s four songwriters. You can view the official music video here and the band’s submission to Tiny Desk Concert here.

10/16/19 – Chloe Pennington, daughter of Driftin’ Luke and member of Family Shiloh, has released her first solo album, which she composed, wrote and recorded herself.  It’s a stunning debut anchored by two amazing 7-minute tracks, “Summer Rain” and “Luck“.  Listen and purchase the digital tracks on Bandcamp, and look for a physical cd release soon!

10/10/19 – The Channel have released the 3rd single from the soon to be released LP ‘Multi Goods and Services‘.  This one, titled “Anywhere We Go,” is penned by Colby’s brother Brent Pennington, and you can check it out on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

Also released today is the video for for “Two Hill Heart,” check it out!

09/31/19 – Beehive Candy has also featured The Channel‘s “Days Ind” single describing it as “absolutely charming and extremely professional music.”  Check out this and all the great content over at Beehive Candy!

09/20/19 – Thanks to The Fire Note for featuring The Channel‘s “Days Ind” single in their Bandcamp Artists of the Week column!   Check out that column and all the great content on

09/19/19 – The Channel have released the 2nd single from upcoming LP ‘Multi Goods and Services‘, “She Sea Monster” and it includes a video!  Check it out!

09/10/19 – c-side records is happy to announce that ‘Multi Goods and Services‘, the bands 4th album and long-awaited follow up to The Channel‘s double LP released in 2006, has an official release date of 11/08/19.  Big thanks to those of you who pledged to THE CHANNEL Kickstarter! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s totally worth the wait.  The first single “Days Ind” is now available for your listening pleasure!  More music and details to come!

11/12/18 – Family Shiloh is back with a brand new album, ‘Stand Again’.  The five children are growing up and contributing more and more, adding vocals, guitar, violin, bass, keys and percussion.  Of the album, Colby (Driftin’ Luke) states “We wanted to document how we are increasingly handing the reigns over to our children. The first album’s rickety rhythms and ramshackle atmosphere continue to present themselves on this second album, which is evidence of a busy family life going on in the midst of recording attempts. The kids were good sports, however, and their joy is what makes the songs complete. These songs came out of our family’s trials and triumphs and the One that kept us all together through them.” Download/Stream this release exclusively at Bandcamp.  Stay tuned for a possible cd release.

11/04/18 – The c-side records family is saddened to learn of the passing of Seth Gibbs.  Seth was an integral part of c-side’s No Bridges to Cross project, co-released on his Superpop! label.  Seth was a stalwart of the Austin music scene for over a dozen years, producing and engineering countless projects while contributing to a number of local bands (Leatherbag, The Archibalds, Bobby Jealousy, etc.) and maintaining his own project, Brother Machine.  Seth’s battle with cancer was reported on recently by the Austin Chronicle.  Our deepest sympathies to Seth’s family and friends.


03/08/17 – Family Shiloh is the new family project from c-side featuring some good ol’ folk/gospel tunes from Driftin’ Luke, his wife, and children.  The little ones shine bright on this release, contributing lead vocals on a few tracks, and instrumentation including bass and fiddles that suit the family sound to a Texas T.  Download/Stream this digital only release exclusively at Bandcamp.  Also check out the new video for lead single, ‘Lily White for Women‘ for a nice taste of the Family Shiloh life.

02/01/17 – Check out this Tiny Desk Concert submission from The Channel, featuring new single “Strollin'”from the ‘Multi Goods and Services‘ LP!

09/16/16 – Golden Bear’s ‘Dimensional Place’ launches world-wide today!  Purchase at our online store, Bandcamp, or any of your regular digital retailers.

09/14/16 – Golden Bear’s “Let My Love Come Down” was featured as a KUTX song of the day!  Check it out and get the free download here.

09/01/16 – Golden Bear’s “Whole Nuthr Level” is a spaced-out soul ballad, the 2nd single and video from ‘Dimensional Place’.  Check out the video, directed by Randall LaRue (of Ghostbeard), below:

08/15/16 – The new Golden Bear single “Let My Love Come Down”was featured on this awesome WMFO playlist today from the fine folks who also bring you the Music Savage blog:

07/31/16 – Golden Bear has released the lead single and video from ‘Dimensional Place’ which is titled “Let My Love Come Down.” KUTX lauded the band’s spaced-out sound and said “if the track… ‘Let My Love Come Down’ is any indication, we’re in for some more fantastic galactic artistry.”  Check out the VHS workout inspired video, directed by Mike Knish, below :

06/27/16 – Golden Bear emerge from their ‘Dimensional Place’ on September 16, 2016.  New singles coming soon!  More info on the Golden Bear page.

01/01/16 – Happy New Year!  2016 will finally see the long-awaited release of the new, Kickstarter-funded album by The Channel, as well as the next installment from Golden Bear.

09/30/15 – Driftin’ Luke is featured on episode 10 of The Brimblebanks Brothers’ Electronic Storytime.  Check out the story and listen for the exclusive track, “Cotillion.”

2014 – Well what happened to that?

06/23/13 – Randall Larue (of Ghostbeard) has created a web-based comedy series by the name of Five Minutes to Air.  Episodes are being uploaded weekly, and you should definitely check them out.  Five Minutes to Air is about a music talk show plagued by incompetence, egos, and time travel, and you’ll catch some great local bands making appearances in each episode.

06/21/13 – Golden Bear is featured on KUTX’s Austin Music Minute today and features a sneak peak of a brand new track from the forthcoming 4th LP, ‘Heartdancer’.

05/06/13 – Driftin’ Luke has contributed a track to Lone Star Horizons: A Texas Tribute to Jason Molina.  Jason was a fantastic songwriter and had a very positive impact on a whole lot of folks, even though he struggled mightily during his own walk on this earth.  The compilation, assembled by STUCK (an independent, non-profit production company working to forge a link between Texas artists and the creative community), will be available via bandcamp May 16th. The tribute contains ALL Texas artists and ALL proceeds raised will go to the Jason Molina Medical Fund as a memorial gift to this amazing artist.

03/12/13 – Golden Bear once again has it’s paws all over SXSW.  Check them out at the following shows:

Thursday March 14 – Midnight – The Whiskey Room – Official SXSW Showcase.
Saturday March 16 – 2 PM – Papi Tino’s – Brooklyn Country Cantina – Information here and here.

01/28/13 – Colby Pennington (of The Channel, and aka Driftin’ Luke, etc.) and Randall Larue (of Ghostbeard) have collaborated on a new project by the name of County.  Today marks the debut release, a fine selection of songs recording during lunch breaks in a nearby parking garage.  “Every day, at 11 am, Colby would walk out to his Honda and record a song on their handheld recorder. At noon, Randall would go out and add to Colby’s song, then record a song of his own. This pattern continued for weeks. The songs were recorded as they were written, both trying to not use any material written before this collaboration.”  Have a listen and purchase on the County Bandcamp page.

11/12: ‘Multi Goods and Services‘, the long-awaited follow up to The Channel‘s double LP released in 2006, is now complete, and will hopefully be released sometime in 2013.  For those of you who pledged to THE CHANNEL Kickstarter, check your email for an update included a link to download the entire album now!

08/12: The Yellow Tigers have contributed a track to A Tribute to Bill Doss.  Friends and members of the E6 Townhall, in the month since his passing, recorded these 21 little tributes to honor the craft and soul in his ageless melodies.

08/04/12 – Driftin’ Luke has a new bandcamp page up and the first release is an EP titled ‘3 days ago…

07/12: The c-side family is deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Bill Doss.  Bill and his music, along with the other founders of the Elephant 6 record label, have been an enormous source of inspiration and edification for c-side for many years.  Our love and prayers go out to Bill’s family and friends, along with the many fans who are now mourning this tragic loss.

07/12:  Dual Tape Deck asked Golden Bear‘s Chris Gregory back for another episode and you can listen here.  Chris and host Randall LaRue (of Ghostbeard) talk about GB starting the new album, summer plans, and summer music.

04/12:  The Channel’s upcoming LP ‘Multi Goods and Services‘ is in the final stages of mastering!  Sounds great, get ready for a preview track this summer.

02/12:   Ghostbeard has released an excellent digital-only EP, ‘Deep Sleeper’ on Bandcamp.  Listen and download here.

02/12: Colby and Andy of The Channel visit Dual Tape Deck to discuss their upcoming album, ‘Multi Goods and Services‘ amongst other topics, and also play a couple songs live.

01/12: Golden Bear‘s “Wait for the Signal” video featured on Magnet Magazine’s “Film at 11”.  Also, Magnet Magazine is back in print!!

01/12: Golden Bear‘s ‘Alive’ is showing up on the “Best of 2011” lists, including Side One: Track One and KUT!

12/11: Just heard a rough mix of The Channel‘s forthcoming LP, ‘Multi Goods and Services‘!  For those of you that helped make this album happen via Kickstarter, your gifts and songs are being prepared, so please be patient!

11/11: Chris Gregory of Golden Bear visits Dual Tape Deck for a discussion of great cover songs!

11/11: New video for “Wait for the Signal” available on the GOLDEN BEAR page!

11/11: WNYC‘s guest critic David Brown picks GOLDEN BEAR‘s ‘Alive’ as one of the top new releases (along with M83 and Girl in a Coma)!

08/11: GOLDEN BEAR featured on this week’s edition of KUT’s Texas Music Matters!

07/11: Listen to the YELLOW TIGERS cover of Neil Young’s “After the Goldrush”!

07/11: GOLDEN BEAR come ‘Alive’ on 10/18/11

06/11: GOLDEN BEAR featured on KUT’s “Sounds of Summer 2011” by Texas Music Matters.

01/11: Check out the c-side kids:  Jonah and the Golden Elephants    ///    The Yellow Tigers