cosmic convoy





Cosmic Convoy consists of a ramshackle group of good friends, most of whom have been playing music together for over a decade. In late 2017, guitarist/singer Brent Pennington, lead guitarist Chris Gregory, and drummer Andy McAllister decided to embark on a new project they called Cosmic Convoy. Since all three had played music in various bands their whole lives, but now found themselves working full time to support their families, they wanted to use this as a creative outlet that would fit in with their family lives. They have since added bassist and artist Mark Stalknaker.

Focusing primarily on classic outlaw country, soul, rock, and r&b cover songs (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buddy Holly, The Byrds, Grateful Dead, Sam Cooke, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin), they have carved out a nice path of familiar favorites while creating their own unique sound. They play in the Austin area regularly, enjoying a diverse range of venues, including private parties and weddings.

More recently, they have begun to incorporate some originals, and plan to record their debut EP, “Together Again for the First Time”, in early 2020. Booking inquiries: