driftin’ luke, jr.



Jonah Luke Pennington (born 5 September 2002), known professionally as Driftin’ Luke, Jr,. is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician, and the only son of acclaimed singer-songwriter Colby Luke Pennington (Driftin’ Luke, Family Shiloh, The Channel, Montalba, No Bridges To Cross, Ol’ Pioneers). Apart from his solo and family-based career, he has also been a member of the groups Montalba and Choir Pasta.

Born into the live music scene of Austin, Texas, he grew up in a tightly knit musical community of family and friends, playing countless shows and making music with his parents and siblings (Family Shiloh). He wrote his first ever song at the age of 3, and wrote and self-produced his own album at 6 . After his father taught him guitar at age 9, he dabbled in cover songs and more original tunes using his dad’s 4-track recorder.

In April 2017, he released his debut EP, Complex Mind, a selection of 5 piano-centered tunes written in his preteen years. By then he had accumulated hundreds of live performances with Family Shiloh across the state of Texas and in iconic American cities such as Nashville , TN and Rosine, KY.

In July 2020 he released his long in the works, first full-length LP, A Little Lighter.

Another Road, his second LP, released on January 1, 2021. Blending folk and country influences with psychedelia and rock, the album marks his most recent songwriting endeavors and his desire to keep trying new sounds musically.