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Colby and Brent Pennington were born seventeen months apart in Texas, and their sisters Heather and Rebecca followed not long after. The Pennington brothers grew up playing, fighting, laughing, and creating together, getting their sisters, cousins, friends, and anyone else willing to join in. They created little towns out of cardboard and construction paper, radio shows about flying burritos (before they were aware of the Flying Burrito Brothers), rap cassette tapes, sermons at the churches their dad preached at, homemade movies, scripts, books, and more. But most of all, they created music together. As siblings often do, they went their own directions as they left home. Some went to school, some joined bands and tried to be rock stars, some got married quickly and had lots of kids, and some just went completely off the deep end for a while, but all the while, they continued to make music, and at least some of it, together. The Channel is the result of brothers Brent and Colby finally deciding that making music together with family was their favorite way to do it (along with some very close friends). Learning the art of four track cassette recording, they began to experiment with capturing their own music on tape. Andy McAllister, who was a close friend and benefactor to Brent (and also played with him in the band ‘The Arthurs’ which recorded their album ‘Walking in the Sunlight’ with Martyn Leaper of the Minders and Elephant 6 fame), just happened to play the drums, as well as write and record his own songs. He eventually married sister Heather, and they both have contributed songs to The Channel. After releasing a series of albums in the early 2000s, The Channel spent over a decade recording on and off to finally complete the album ‘Multi Goods & Services’, named after a company their father founded in the 1980s (also known as MGS), which would sell you a nice piece of real estate, a life insurance policy, some quality lawn care, or just any odd job. After spending so much time on one album, it took a global pandemic and being stuck at home (which is where they’ve always done all their recording) to record their next full length album, ‘Electronic Luck’, recorded, mixed, and mastered in early 2020 by the band at home. You will find them now still playing in various bands in and around the Austin area, recording all kinds of music on their own, with each other, and with their kids, and doing domestic projects around their respective houses.


Electronic Luck Cover 300

The Channel – Electronic Luck (11/06/20)

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The Channel – Multi Goods and Services

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The Channel – Tales from the Two Hill Heart / Sibylline Machine (2CD)

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The Channel – Personalized

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The Channel – Tones are Falling

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