family shiloh



For the family’s first album, recording took place throughout the home, in small bathrooms, smaller closets, between homework assignments, with family dog barks, crying, laughing, and creaky chairs scattered across the background of the music. The haphazard approach reflected the tapestry of life in a big family, where there’s nary a dull moment, but there’s always the need to join together in celebration of said family, real love and faith. Every sound on the album was performed or otherwise made by Family Shiloh, whether banging on a suitcase, or snapping tired fingers, to convey our own little harmony.


stand again cover

Family Shiloh – Stand Again

csr-014 CD: (out of print).  Digital: $7 via Bandcamp

hold on family hands cover

Family Shiloh – Hold on Family Hands

csr-013 CD: (out of print).  Digital: $7 via Bandcamp