all titles are self-released!  c-side recording company is a truly independent and DIY record label based in and around austin, texas.

all releases are funded by the bands involved, who will recoup any profit from sales. our catalog consists of many official releases as well as a large array of homemade and limited cd-r releases.

if you prefer digital formats, you’ll find most of our titles on the bandcamp pages, emusic, itunes, and just about every other digital music retailer.  you’ll also find our releases on spotify and other streaming services.

if you still purchase music in a physical format, you can order below. all prices include postage anywhere in the USA. international orders are welcome, but shipping charges will be extra, so please contact us for payment info.

Electronic Luck

The Channel – Electronic Luck

csr-020 Digital: $10 via Bandcamp

Together Again

Cosmic Convoy – Together Again for the First Time

csr-019 Digital: $5 via Bandcamp

Dear Texas

Golden Bear – Dear Texas

csr-018 CD: $10. Digital: $5 via Bandcamp

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Chloe Pennington – Surrender

csr-015 CD: $10.  Digital: $7 via Bandcamp

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The Channel – Multi Goods and Services

csr-011 $10.  Digital: via Bandcamp
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stand again cover

Family Shiloh – Stand Again

csr-014 CD: (out of print).  Digital: $7 via Bandcamp

hold on family hands cover

Family Shiloh – Hold on Family Hands

csr-013 CD: (out of print).  Digital Only: $7 via Bandcamp


Golden Bear – Dimensional Place

csr-012 CD: $10
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Golden Bear – Alive

csr-010  CD: $8
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Ghostbeard – Stochasticity

csr-009 CD $8
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Ghostbeard – What’s the Word Bird?

csr-008 CD $8
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Golden Bear – Everest EP

csr-007 CD $8

limited edition cdr’s in handmade sleeves with button
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No Bridges to Cross – S/T

csr-006 (2007) CD $8
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Golden Bear – To the Farthest Star

csr-005 CD – out of print


The Channel – Tales from the Two Hill Heart / Sibylline Machine (2CD)

csr-004 2CD $12.  Digital: via Bandcamp
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Golden Bear – S/T

csr-003 CD – out of print


The Channel – Personalized

csr-002 CD $8.   Digital: via Bandcamp
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The Channel – Tones are Falling

csr-001 CD – out of print.  Digital: via Bandcamp