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We are excited to announce that Golden Bear will release their fourth LP, entitled Dimensional Place, on September 16, 2016.  After releasing three critically acclaimed LPs and one EP over the course of 2006-2011, the band took some time off to record Dimensional Place in their home studio in Austin, Texas.

Dimensional Place’s distinct R&B sound marks a significant stylistic departure for a band who have already proven adept at genre-mixing over the course of their four previous albums. Amplifying the sonic transformation is the introduction of Golden Bear’s new female lead vocalist, Kate Daniel (K8Tronic). K8 brings a whole new element to the previously all-male band, and lends the ideal voice, ranging from sweet to sultry, to the album’s funk-inflected grooves.




Golden Bear – Dimensional Place

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1. Let My Love Come Down 2. Spells 3. Telephone 4. Whole Nuthr Level 5. Difficult 6. Big City Magic 7. Over & Over 8. Heartdancer


Golden Bear – Alive

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1. The Juggernaut 2. Promise Not to Tell 3. Prospect Park 4. The Ruin 5. Who We Are 6. All  Your Lucky Days 7. Myths 8. Borrowed Beginnings 9. Wait for the Signal 10. Not Tonight

“Big guitars, spiraling piano runs, brazen lyrics: Golden Bear roars.” – Austin Chronicle

“You’re in for a full-fledged power-pop epic…something special.” – MTV Hive

“Tunes evince a sense of singalong pop songcraft that bespeaks a mature band coming into its own, rather than aping its influences.” – The Big Takeover



Golden Bear – Everest EP

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1. NightLights 2. All the Stars 3. Future Blues 4. Everest 5. Miracle Machine

“Its five songs are melodic and catchy bits of indie pop that lodge in the listener’s head.” –

“The Austin quintet’s EP, Everest, is five songs of an unabashed joyful noise that chips away the darkness with lyrics and cuts it away with music.” –


Golden Bear – To the Farthest Star

csr-005 CD – out of print
1. Galaxy Queen 2. Without a Sound 3. Darkness Sets In 4. The Gospel Truth 5. To the Farthest Star 6. Devils Painted Red 7. Stars & Women 8. All the Stories Ever Told 9. Glitter Girls 10. New Day 11. Tonight’s the Night

” The Austin quintet doesn’t force elation; it comes with the territory.” – The Austin Chronicle

“Golden Bear constructs perfect songs, each with a blend of spontaneity and purpose. There is no excess. Each guitar lick, drumroll, and horn fill seems to be perfectly placed without effort.” –


Golden Bear – S/T

csr-003 CD – out of print
1. A Reason to be Proud 2. Ten Thousand Orchestras 3. Wonderful 4. Santa Rosa 5. GB Revival Stomp 6. Silent Prayer 7. The Saddest Songs 8. Lady Soul 9. Victory is Ours 10. The Darkest of Days 11. Amazing Edward

“Songs this strong generate a motion and power of their own…a seemingly endless wellspring of hooks and asides.” – Austin American Statesman

“Super-melodic, over-the top indie rock…the album sparkles with grizzly goodness from beginning to end.” –


Let My Love Come Down (from ‘Dimensional Place’)

Wait for the Signal (from ‘Alive’)

Who We Are (from ‘Alive’)

Santa Rosa (from ‘Golden Bear’)

10,000 Orchestras (from ‘Golden Bear’)