Multi Goods & Services

Release Date: 11/08/19

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The Channel is excited to announce the release of their fourth album, Multi Goods & Services, which was recorded in various band members’ bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets over the course of the last seven years in Austin, Texas. The band, comprised of three siblings and their spouses, shares songwriting credits between Brent & Colby Pennington (brothers), Heather McAllister (sister), and Heather’s husband, Andy McAllister. Each songwriter and contributor brings their own unique voice to the mix, with influences ranging from the Everly Brothers to Sebadoh.

The album gets its name from a familial business venture started by the Pennington’s father, which hints at the umbrella of tasks it encompassed. The children owned various chores, such as lawn care and other odd jobs (for $2 an hour), while the adults took on more  advanced  roles, like selling insurance, real estate and “supervising” the kids. The album exhibits a similar multi-faceted approach, jumping from genre to genre and delivering memorable tunes throughout.

Music is a passion and not a profession for The Channel, so recording had to be squeezed in between working their day jobs and taking care of the new babies that were born during the album’s making (five in total). This relaxed and leisurely approach gave the members of The Channel a creative escape during one of life’s busiest seasons, while simultaneously creating their most accomplished album to date.

RIYL: Harry Nilsson, Fleet Foxes, The Beach Boys, Dr. Dog

Recommended Tracks: “Days Ind”, “Strollin’”, “She Sea Monster”, “Anywhere We Go”

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Previous Press Excerpts:

“The group’s vocal and instrumental arrangements have become more sophisticated, while their songs remain substantial and memorable.” –

“Brent and Colby Pennington…The manner in which the two unite through music – their voices in constant harmony – makes The Channel truly remarkable.” – The Austin Chronicle

” The Channel are a family again, and hopefully the future will see a great deal from the band that brought us the sparkle and pop sheen of Personalized, and the maturity and song craft of Tales from Two Hill Heart/Sibylline Machine.” –  Urban Pollution

” The Channel’s prolific approach to making music, if not their unique combination of different pop sounds in itself, should garner them some much-deserved attention.” –

“The Channel, a modern band with modern influences, is apparently untainted by modern excesses. It is refreshing to hear such a homogenous mix of old school and new school from a young, promising group.” – Sponic

“Their melodies are so warmly enveloping that it doesn’t take long to be hooked. The projected warmth makes it impossible not to sing along…the vocals are so ingratiating, you’ll likely be humming these songs long after the record ends.” – Splendid

“The stuff of legends…we’ve got magic in our ears. These guys manage to blend electro, psychedelica and pure pop so seamlessly, it seems impossible. It’s almost hard to believe my ears, even after repeated listens.” – Lost at Sea

“Sounding like a bag of sunshine is no easy task; the same goes for harmonizing like the Beach Boys…however, if you are a member of the Channel, you have nothing to worry about. You are in a band that has created just about the best thing I’ve heard so far in this young year.” – Delusions of Adequacy

” The Channel proves just how good underground pop gets when everything is done right.” – Baby Sue

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Sea She Monster


Two Hill Heart

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